Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tips and Techniques Wednesday - Halloween Treat Bag

Hello all!

With Halloween about a week and a half away I wanted to share a Treat Bag tutorial with  you.  These little bags are easy to make so there a great craft to make with your kids for their classmates.  You can make a couple of dozen in no time if you assembly line them!

 I decided to use the Ziploc snack sized bags for my treats ( you can use what ever suits you or your treats and modify the measurements if need be).  The width of these bags is 6.5" so I trimmed some black cardstock down to that width.  Then I trimmed the length to 6" so my finished topper would be just shy of 3".
Now punch along one width of your cardstock with any punch you chose... or none if that is your choice.  I used this bat edge punch.
 Next measure the new length of your cardstock and score at the centre point to create a fold.
 See your little topper is already taking shape.  This is a good place to pause and staple the topper onto the bags.

 Now embellish with papers and stickers and ribbon or floss until your heart's content!

Here is a little close up!

Thanks for popping in to see what I am up to.  Next week I will do another little treat tutorial.


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  1. love. this is just what i needed as we are making chocolate lollipop pumpkins for hawksley's class! thank you :)