Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scrapfest Follow Up

Hello all,

I just wanted to pop in a post a few photos of the ScrapMuch? booth at Scrapfest.

As always we work really hard to make our booth feel warm and friendly, as well as provide loads of samples to get the creative juices flowing and offer a deal of some sort to our shoppers.  And prizes don't hurt either, right?

Here are a few pictures of the booth....


We received a lot of lovely comments from shoppers and other vendors about how nice our booth looked.  It was worth all of the hours of hard work!

We donated a prize to the event.  It was won by Beatrice!
Eileen and I are busy getting Friday's night's make and take ready.  Eileen designed a really sweet note pad cove and it was a huge hit and we had line ups for it the entire time we ran it.  It was my job to run the make and take and I had the pleasure of chatting with 100 women in a very short time.  You can expect to see a tutorial on it in November.
Brenda from Wescott also ran a make and take for us on Saturday, which also went over very well.  A big thank you to Brenda and Wescott for their support!
Okay, Anita did need two attempts at getting Brenda's make and take right, but once she did, she had the best finished product by far.  You may see this make and take at an up coming event (now that Anita has mastered it, lol)!

 Here a great shot of Elaine and Eileen hard at work, old school style.  Imagine there is no satellite signal in this beautiful newer building, so it was cash and manual credit card transaction all the way!  Thankfully, as even though it was our first time at this event, the customers knew what to expect and came prepared.
 Look how packed our booth was, this was pretty much consistent through out the event!
 Here are some random shots just for you.....

so Anita, we love her so!
beautiful Elaine!

hate having my photo taken, but I am secretly glad they do!
sweet, smart and funny Eileen!
taking a moment for a good laugh
Anita with Brenda from Wescott and Lisa, who runs Scrapfest
 All in all it was a fabulous weekend, It's always fun to get out and meet new friends and customers. 

A big thank you goes out to Lisa and her crew at Scrapfest for all of their hard work, especially Gary - what would we do without him!  And thank you to all of our customers for their ongoing and continued support, we appreciate you!

Thank you for stopping in today!
Elaine, Anita, Eileen and Laura

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