Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Stamps as Stitching Templates Tutorial & More Christmas Card Inspiration Week

Hi there!

Laura here with a fun tip for you and more of our Christmas Card Inspiration Week!

I was doing some unrelated stitching the other day and wished that I had more stitching templates, then it hit me.  I have a plethora of stamps, and I wondered if they could be used as stitching templates?

I dug out a few supplies; some muslin (or in my case drop cloth fabric), floss, a needle, ink and a simple stamp.

I opted for a very light ink, but wished I had gone darker.  The light ink was hard for me to see and I probably could have hid a darker and coordinating ink just fine in my stitches. I will know for next time!

Then I started stitching just using a basic back-stitch.

Filling in all the stamped lines as I went along, it didn't take long at all and has a fun home spun look!

I decided to make my piece the focal point in a Christmas card.

Here is a little peak at the inside.

And now for more of our Christmas Card Inspiration Week:

We love the pops of blue that Wileen has used, and we know many of you do too!

Have a great day!

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