Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Origami Dress Tutorial

Hi there!

I have a bit of a different tutorial for you today.  I have been meaning to try some Origami folding for a while now so I got busy creating this little dress to initiate myself into this fun art form.  It would look darling on a card, but I chose to create a little altered item with my finished fold.

Let's get started creating.....

Using a square piece of patterned paper (mine measure 6 x 6 (but you would want it smaller for a card).  With the back of the paper facing up, fold the paper in half and then in quarters (lengthwise) making sure your creases are nice and burnished.
This is what the front would look like.
Now fold so that the two outer creases are lined up with the middle crease..
So you end up wit this.
Flip your paper over....
...and fold the front over the back so the you are creating a  fold just shy of the half-way point.
Now fold back towards the front again creating about a 1/4 inch fold.
Here is a side shot to help you get a visual.
Turn your paper front side up with the shorter section at the top.
Spread out the bottom folds, creating two new diagonal folds.  Making a 'skirt' shape.
Flip your paper over to the back again.
Pull down the centre section. And score to create a 'v' neck line.
This is what the front will now look like.
Flipping back over, create angled folds on both sides.  Starting at the 'waist' and working up and then starting at the 'waist' again and working down.
To create this.
Fold your newly created upper folds out again at about 1/4 inch to create little 'capped sleeves'.
This is what the front will now looked like.
 Next, I dolled it up a little bit with some ribbon around the waist.  And then created my altered item.

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