Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Organza Flower Tutorial

Hi there!

 I have a pretty little flower tutorial to share with you today.  It is nice and simple to make but has big impact on a project.

You will need about 13 inches of organza ribbon that is about an inch or so wide, as well as a needle and thread.

 Start big criss-crossing the edges of one end to a point and tacking them into place.
 Now sew a running stitch (or a basting stitch) down the centre of the ribbon.  Leave the thread and needle hanging from the ribbon.
 Now gather up the ribbon, towards the pointed end.
 Secure the ribbon and tie off the thread.
 Doesn't it look great on  my little gift bag?

I will definitely use this technique again, unlike a lot of flower techniques it is super quick and easy!

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  1. I love this idea for a quick and easy handmade gift bag! Perfect for Mother's day! Thanks Laura!

  2. Love this idea ... so beautiful and it looks so easy to try!

  3. Such a great idea.. we can use these on organza bagsas well.