Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Button Glam | Tutorial

Hi there!

I am sharing a super simple way to glam up your buttons today!

How about a little tulle pulled through your button for a fun and easy glammed up look?

All you you need a little coordinating tulle. (I don't know why the colours look different in this photo, it was taken at the same time as the others and it is the same button, promise).

It can be a little tricky to pull the tulle through the buttons holes so I have a little tip for you.

Try pushing a loop of sturdy button twine through the button hole, from front to back, then feed the tulle into the loop.

Pull the twine gently back through the button hole.

Ta da!  Repeat for next hole, alternating inserting the twine through the front and back.

Such a cute look!

I think it looks great nestled in with other embellishments on this layout that I recently created.

Here is a little look at the whole page.

What do you think?  Will you be incorporating this technique into a project one day soon?

So glad you visited today!