Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Button Snowman Ornament

Hi there!

Laura here today and I am sharing a fun little tutorial today with my friends at ScrapMuch?, using buttons to make a cute little ornament or Christmas present ordornment.

This is also a fun craft to do with the kids, they will love giving them as gifts or hanging them on the tree.

You will need 7 white buttons (2 small and 1 medium for the head, 2 medium and 2 large for the body), 3 black buttons (2 small and 1 medium) and 1 small red button; as well as, some red floss or yarn ( I prefer floss so I can put it through a needle) and some red ribbon.{Can you believe that I have next to no white buttons?  What is up with that? It was slim pickings for sure.}

It does not matter how many holes are in each button, we will only be using 2.

Start threading the buttons, working from the top of the snowman down.

Continue feeding on buttons, you can see I am even using a button with only one hole. I am not even sure how you would use this for a button, but it works fine in this application.

Now begin threading back up through all the buttons, if your buttons have 4 holes, use the one that is diagonal from last time.

When they are all threaded on, they should look something like this.

Tie a knot in the top.

And now tie on your little scrap of ribbon for a scarf.

Isn't he cute?

How about now, on this cute little burlap stocking?

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  1. So cute and who doesn't have extra buttons and ribbon scraps. TFS

  2. Laura - you had me at SNOWMAN - he is SO SWEET!!! What a great tutorial and thanks for sharing (* she whispers FAB mani too!!)

  3. This is SO cute ! And a great way to use those buttons ! Thanks for the inspiration !

  4. This is SO cute ! And a great way to use those buttons ! Thanks for the inspiration !

  5. I have just the right buttons! TFS!

  6. This is adorable....I will have to get the boys busy making a couple of these!

  7. Your snowman is absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing.