Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Silhouette Mat Cleaning Tutorial

HI there!

I thought that I would share another tip for cleaning a really dirty silhouette Mat, with you all.

 It may be a little hard to tell from this photo but this Silhouette mat has lost all its stickiness, I am trying to get it to stick to my hand with no luck.

So grab some rubbing alcohol, a few baby wipes and a heat gun or blow dryer.

Apply a liberal amount of rubbing alcohol to a baby wipes and begin scrubbing your mat in a circular motion.

 You can see how much gunk I was able to take off the mat.

And look how clean it is!  The next step I didn't photograph but you will want to rinse it with some warm water.

Now go ahead and dry it with your heat gun, make sure you do not burn or melt the mat.  Keep moving the heat tool around.

Look how sticky my mat is again.  I was able to use it a few more times, so this is fantastic when you run out of mats and are in a pinch.

Thanks for joining us today!

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