Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Altered photo frame tutorial

Hi there!

I am sharing a fun little tutorial today to create a quick home decor item.

Let's gather our supplies, I picked up a photo frame from Homesense that was on clearance for $2.00  because the glass was broken (which suited my needs perfectly).  You can check the dollar store or second hand stores, too.  Or you might just have one lying around the house.

Next you will need a vintage looking bulldog clip, some E6000 glue and something for your background.  I am using some leftover Fancy Pants corrugated paper, burlap or cork would also look great.  I decided to keep mine neutral, but of course you may want to coordinate with your decor.

So let's get started, measure your frame insert and cut your background paper to size.

Now reassemble your frame.

Adhere the clip using the E6000 to the centre of the background, an inch and bit or so below the top of the frame.

And that's it - it is as easy as that, you can now use it to showcase your most favourite photo (if you are like me that changes weekly) or you can use it as a message centre or a place to hold event tickets until the big day.

Thanks fro visiting!

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