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We have had so many questions and interest in our first Garage Salem that we decided to share some information with you now!
ScrapMuch? Garage Sale
When:  Saturday, October 4, 2014
Time:  8am – 3pm (open at 8:00am to croppers; 9:00 am to general public)
Location:  Salvation Army Church, 33 Diana Ave. Brantford, ON
This is a fabulous event that will give you the opportunity to sell items you no longer use and receive CREDIT to purchase new product from our store!!
  1. Email to obtain your garage sale registration number.
  2. Your registration number MUST BE ON EVERY ITEM for you to get credit for the sale.
  3. Items must be PRICED, ORGANIZED and PACKAGED by you.  You MUST bring your items to us in either a BOX that closes and can be stacked OR a bin with a lid that can be stacked (bins will only be returned if they are CLEARLY labeled with your name and MUST be picked up on Saturday, October 4th).
  4. You MUST drop your items off with the ScrapMuch? Team at the Salvation Army Church (33 Diana Ave. Brantford) during one of the following scheduled drop-off timeslots:
Porch Drop Off ~ 65 Gaydon Way, Brantford before Sept. 11
Friday September 12th, 11am to 3pm
Saturday September 13th, 9am to 1pm
Friday October 3rd, 11am to 6pm

  1. Paper is to be packaged in bundles of (5) or more. No single sheet sales please.
  2. Magazines will only be accepted as (10) singles per person OR sold in bags with other product.
  3. PRICE TO SELL!!! Remember this is a 'garage sale ' so price your items to sell and you will be thrilled with all your credit to use in our store!!!
  4. ScrapMuch? staff WILL NOT BARTER for the sale. Items are sold as priced by you only.
  5. You DO NOT have to be here the day of the garage sale. Our staff will be happy to take care of your items for you. However, ScrapMuch? will not be held responsible for any loss or theft.
  6. This is a CASH ONLY sale. We will not be putting these purchases through on our credit/debit machine unless they are accompanied by new product for sale in our store.
  7. You will receive credit with ScrapMuch? in the amount of the items sold in your name. (Example: If $10.00 worth of your items were bought from the garage sale you will receive a credit with ScrapMuch? in the amount of $10.00). This credit can be used toward the purchase of IN STOCK product only. (This credit can NOT be used toward the cost of classes, crops or retreats).
  8. Credit must be used by December 31, 2014. Any credit not used on or before December 31, 2014, will be considered expired and not able to be used.
  9. Credit is to be used by the registered seller ONLY and she/he must be present to use the credit for product at ScrapMuch?.
  10. It is your responsibility to pick up any items that DID NOT SELL in the garage sale.  Items can be picked up at any ScrapMuch? event at the Salvation Army Church (33 Diana Ave. Brantford) during October, November and December 2014.  You MUST email at least 1 day in advance of picking up your items (otherwise your items will not be waiting for you at the event).
Any questions?? Please contact us

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