Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Notepad Cover Tutorial

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I picked up these long narrow note pads a while ago intending to make 'covers' for them.  I finally got around to it and thought I would share the steps with you.  You can modify the measurements to suit any sized note pad.

To create your base, you will want to measure the length and width of your note pad, add 1/4 inch to the length, this will be the length of your paper.  Then add 1/4 inch to the width, now double the width and add another 1/4 inch for your spine. This will be the width of your paper.

Score along the length of your cover at the width of your pad plus 1/4 inch and again at 1/4 inch over.

Next I wrapped ribbon around the middle of the cover, adhering it in place and leaving enough length at either end to make  a bow when we are finished.  You may want to add a clip to hold it until the glue sets.


Now wrap the tops of the note pads with decorative papers, wrapping them up and over to the backside of the note pad for about an inch.  You will want to clip these while the adhesive sets, too.

Now wrap some twine (optional) around the top of the note pads and then adhere them onto your cover as shown.

Next I added a button to the twine.  Then I closed the booklet and started on the front cover.

For this the possibilities are endless, this is what I did to my first one.

Then I created a few more.

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  1. These are adorable and such a good idea, for those little gifts we all need periodically!