Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Glittered Christmas Lights Tutorial

Hi there!

Happy Wednesday!  It's time for another tutorial and today I am getting into the holiday spirit!  I thought I would make a few ornaments for our tree.

 Here is your supply list: larger Christmas light bulbs (these are the cheapies from the dollar store)  masking tape, glitter, white glue and a paint brush.

 Tape off the brass end of the bulb.

 Paint the glass portion of the bulb with white glue.

 Sprinkle with glitter until the entire bulb is covered.

 It should look like this, it covers really nicely and has a smooth appearance.  Super easy!

 You will want to prop them up to dry, I used a small bulldog clip as a perch.  They dry fairly quickly.

 Then add a little prettiness!  Twine, ribbon, buttons... you name it!

 Now make more, in lots of colours, they look awesome together!  I can't wait to get them on the tree!

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