Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dyed Flower Tutorial

Hello all!

Happy Wednesday, I hope you enjoy your tutorial of the week!

The other day, I needed a flower in just the right colour, it's odd I didn't have it as my stash is quite large, However, I set to altering one to match, and of course I grabbed the camera so I could share it with you!

 You will need, white flowers, tweezers and mist in the colour of your choice.

 Using a splat mat, little dish or waxed paper (that's what I use) pour a little pool of mist out ( I poured way too much just an fyi). You really only need a little bit.

 Using the tweezers slightly dip the flower into the mist.  You do not need to immerse it, it will soak up the mist.

Rotate the flower until the whole thing has been dyed.

 I dyed 3, you will need to lay them out to dry for a bit.

As an option, you can add some glitter while the mist is still wet.

This is what my flower looks like dried and added to a tag.  Can you see the glitter?  Love that!

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