Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday

Hi there!

I have a new tutorial to share with you today, which is great for wrapping up those last minute gift cards that we all pick up!

Here is a look at the outside of the gift card holder.....

 Of course, it can be adorned in any manner you wish, you can colour up and image  / follow a sketch or keep it simple, such as I did.

Now for the fun part, watch as I slowly open the card for you......

 Did you see how the gift card came up out of it's hiding spot?

Cool, right?  Now let's get to the "how to's'"....

First, start out with a piece of cardstock that measures 6.25" wide and 11" long, to create our base.  Following the diagram below score along the width at 3.75" and 8" (see red score lines), then turn and score and the length at 1" and 5.25".  To create the small flaps, score along the width at the 5" mark, but only on the two 1' strips you created with previous scoring
Now trim away the 'green' areas of the diagram, leaving a 4.25" x 11" piece with two 1" wings in the lower centre part of the paper.

Leaving you with a piece of cardstock that looks similar to this.....

Now for the inert, the magic piece.....

Cut a second piece of cardstock that measures 4.25" x 6.75".  Score along the width at 3.25".  Then score along the length - starting at the 3.25" score line  to the end at the 1/8th inch mark and the 4 1/8th inch mark.  Now trim away the 'green' areas.

Now adhere the insert to the base using a strip of adhesive just along the top.   The insert will measure the same width as the base at the top, but not on the lower part.  And the score lines along the width will not line up, this is intentional.  See photo below....

The next step is to fold the flaps inward, adding adhesive to what is now the tops of them.  Then fold up the lower portion of the base, ensuring that the lower part of the insert is tucked under the flaps.  this will create a pocket for the lower part of your inset and your gift card to sit in.  Be sure not  to put any adhesive anywhere on the lower part of the insert as it will not pull up and down if you do.

The last step is the fun part - decorate the card as you wish!  Adhere your gift card to the lower portion of the insert.  I used removable adhesive, trying to stay clear of the magnetic strip.

And that is it!  I created this to fit inside of a standard card envelope and use only one sheet of 12 x 12 paper to create both the base and the indert,  but you can play with the sizes on yours if you wish.

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