Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday - It's a wrap!

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Happy hump day!  Well it's official, we are less than a month until Christmas!   Are you as excited as the kids are?  Do you have your tree up?  Typically we have waited until after my middle son's birthday on December 7th, however now that he will be turning 21 it probably doesn't really matter, though I do like to wait until December.

Have you started your shopping?  Are you a wrap as you go kind of person, or do you wait and do it all at once?  I tend to do mine in dribs and drabs, I find it easier to hide unwrapped gifts.  Wrapping when I need to reclaim some closet space.

And, wrapping is what I wanted to share with you today.  I had a small gift to wrap, and didn't want to haul out all of my wrapping stuff (I'm so lazy, it's only under the bed!)  so I put some scrappy stuff to work....

 The red paper is a sheet of 12 x 12 scrappy paper that I bought in a kit... I got way too much of it and don't love it as it is flimsy.  But that makes it perfect for wrapping gifts!
 Some scraps from last years Jillibean Soup Christmas line were used to die cut the flower and the banner piece.  Using my scraps this way removes any guilt I have for picking up 2 Christmas collections from this year ;)
 A dollar store doily and a few gems, 'cause they are pretty and it's a gift for a girl.
And twine, because I love it!

This was a quick and easy little project, and fun, too!  And as a result, I have decided not to guy any wrapping stuff this year!  I will use up the leftovers from last year and chip away at some of my scrappy stash!

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