Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tutorial Wednesday - Interactive Card

hello and happy Wednesday!

I have a fun card technique to share with you this week!

I created this card for a project for my personal blog last Friday.
 What I didn't share then was this fun technique on the inside.
A fun little interactive insert!
To make one of these interactive cards, you will simply create a card as you usually do.  Then cut a 3 inch circle out out cardstock that is the same colour as your card base.

Draw a spiral with several coils onto the circle.

Now trim along this pencil line

Using a strong adhesive adhere the centre of the coil to the top of the inside of the card.

Now add some strong adhesive to the top of the tail of the coil.

Close your card.

Press firmly.
When you open your card back up, it should look like this.

Now start adding fun little embellies that coordinate with the theme of your card.  Make sure that all of the adhesive you use on the embellies does not overlap the coils, or your card will not open properly.  If you have trouble with this you can do what I did to the little wooden sail boat and add a little punched circle behind the boat and the coil, it coves the stray adhesive and enhances the boat at the same time.

Don't forget your sentiment!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. So fun! What a great way to add that extra touch to a card!