Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Spotlight

Hello blog friends!

It is about time that we do a spotlight on a very integral member of our team, my sister, Eileen Mead. 
Eileen is an amazing girl with a huge heart, a genuine and giving individual. She will go out of her way to help you with anything you need, no matter what else she has on the go. She puts others before herself and is looked upon highly by all her family and friends. 
Eileen is a very successful career woman who started to enjoy the art of scrapbooking as a way to give her a well deserved break in her busy schedule. I know it is hard to believe after looking at her work, but Eileen has only been scrapbooking for about a year. She has had the “crafty gene” all her life, but has definitely found an outlet in scrapbooking. 
Here are some samples of her crafty goodness....

 Thank you Eileen, from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and dedication to ScrapMuch? It wouldn't be the same without you :)


(While this post was written by Elaine, the sentiment holds true for Anita and Laura, we love you, Eileen, and are so grateful you are a part of our team.)

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  1. Your work is gorgeous, Eileen! Love what you can do with a punch, and how you work with papers with large patterns!